About me

Bioinformatics, NGS, data analysis, and high-level programming languages

Hi there! I'm Daniel, a bioinformatics scientist/computational biologist with both industry and academic training. I obtained my B.S. in Computer Science and my Ph.D. in Computational Science—Bioinformatics. I am currently employed at Progenity as a bioinformatics scientist contributing to a variety of projects ranging from early product development and biomarker discovery to late stage algorithm optimization and standardized and compliant software development. In the past I was a member of Professor Rob Edwards bioinformatics lab at San Diego State University researching how to model bacteria metabolism in addition to bioinformatics tool development, genomics and metagenomics research, and all-around data analysis. At SDSU, I collaborated closely with many students and faculty across the microbiology and ecology departments.

My passion for learning, creatively solving problems, and helping others arises from my curiosity of natural and complex systems found in the world. My origins in computer science began with two parts: my interest in how computer software operates and my admiration in how technology moves the mountains of society. The intersecting fields of human genetics/disease, computer science, and statistics combine to acquire data, learn from the data, and refine that data into information and knowledge. By working with others well-versed in these areas we can advance our knowledgebase of the natural and biomedical sciences.

My professional interests involve keeping up with new and interesting genomics and microbiome advancements, exploring new data analysis and visualization techniques, and learning more about machine learning and statistical learning methods. I am always building my software development toolbelt by gaining more experience using development lifecycles and the tools to enable robust and professional code. During my free time I love to laugh and spend time with my wife and daughter, often taking trips to Disneyland, enjoying the sun, and embarking on hikes around the San Diego scenery.


  • Proficient languages: Python, R, Perl, bash, PHP, SQL
  • Intermediate languages: Java, C++, MATLAB
  • Sequencing: QC, alignment, bisulfite sequencing
  • Microbiome: 16S, metagenomics, annotation
  • Automated analysis pipeline reports
  • Multivariate statistical analysis, regression, classification
  • Model parameter optimization
  • Supervised/unsupervised machine learning techniques
  • Cluster computing, AWS
  • Prototyping and ad-hoc analysis